We are a collective of 38 designers with individual voices.
We are from 21 different countries and speak in 18 different tongues.
Design is the language we have in common.

We are MACD & Co. – a group of progressive thinkers and creators that have come together on MA Communication Design 2015-17.

We foster curiosity and creativity.

We cherish fun, food and friendship.
We disrupt the present.
We look to new futures.
We raise awareness.
We propose solutions.
We understand and negotiate change.
We shape meaningful experiences.
We take critical stances.
We examine aspects of humanity.
We contextualise cultures and languages.
We are advocates, engineers, navigators, guides, protesters, anthropologists and translators. We are a range of diverse voices that work in harmony, united in our resolve to rethink what Communication Design can be and can do. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.
Sharing is caring.
Communication is Collaboration.