As Above, So Below
Navigators & Co

'As Above, So Below': A performance using landscape, sound and gesture, reflecting on the subterranean mining landscape of the southern Welsh Valleys.
Neasa Terry
Prior to joining the collective, Neasa studied fine art and worked in digital marketing and post production in London. Her research into sound and landscape originated from a recent move from London to Cardiff. In particular, on visiting the former mining town of Merthyr Tydfil in the Welsh valleys, she became interested in the role that industry and technology play in the evolution of the sound of an area. This interest was heightened upon learning of the Cyfarthfa Brass Band, whose instruments crudely resemble the shape of the subterranean mining landscape. This gave rise to a project concerned with the relationship between the perceived alchemy of technology, and mining's close association with alchemy.
Navigators  &  Co: understanding and negotiating change
Testing of arduinos for performance.