Communication Codes and -Systems: The quality requirement of emotional communication
Engineers & Co

personal I am is an analog avatar messaging service, a response to the increasing presence of digital communication codes, which can never fully replace analog communication codes.
Vera Schmid
Vera came to the collective after working in print, brand and advertising design in Augsburg, Germany; with an interest in typography, printmaking and digital design tools. Her research into patterns, codes and ciphers led to her researching various codes of human communication. These included facial expressions. personal I am is an analogue avatar, and a messaging service for authentic personal messages using human communication codes - such as facial expressions, tone of voice and the human presence via touch. Her work draws attention to our increasing use of digital communication tools which can never replace the intrinsic emotional connection of analogue communication.
Engineers & Co: Creating solutions and resolving problems
Every person is individual, so should be the medium to transfers their message with a emotional demand: personal, individual, sensitive and authentic.
Digital communication tools cannot fully replace the analog and real human social interaction; detail of video shooting.