Free Parti
Protestors & Co

The Free Parti movement was created out of my own discontent towards everyday life in my hometown of Beirut, Lebanon. This project started out as a personal statement of my disenfranchised and numb feelings concerning the socio-political climate of my country. What started out as an attempt to create a utopic Beirut as a communication design project revealed itself to be much deeper.
Yasmina Aoun
Yasmina joined the collective from Beirut, after a stint working as a graphic designer for Berlin's electronic music scene. Her passion for music stems from its potential for escapism, and the role that plays in relation to the cultural and socio-economic issues in Lebanon. The aim of the Free Parti movement is to raise awareness of ongoing crises and conflict, and to critique the youth response of escaping, or diluting politics and its impact on everyday life.
Protesters  & Co: taking a critical stance
Spreads from the Free Parti magazine. A bilingual magazine exposing the truth through french folds and arabic text.
Posters for Free Parti raves. Done by recreating known posters from the Lebanese civil war by changing their meaning with use of english text and color in context of rave, with pictures of martyrs used as a DJ lineup.
Record cover and vinyl containing techno music created from sound files from wars in Beirut